International and domestic transport up to 24 tons.
International and domestic cargo transport.
International transport and forwarding, logistics.
Warehousing and storage services.

International and domestic transport, together with quality warehousing services

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International transport

International transport and forwarding is our key activity. We provide cargo transport both as export from the Czech Republic to E, F, NL, B, GB, I, D, SLO, SK and as import to the Czech Republic.

Our department of international transport is able to serve any destination in Europe. Our representatives speak English or Spanish and they may communicate with our partners in the whole Europe. All our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking system.

We specialize in international trailer-truck transport.

  • Transport of piece shipments ranging from 100 Kg to 26, 8 tons.
  • We use classic truck trailers or even large capacity semi-trailers.
  • We also provide transport in curtain-siders or in refrigerator trailers.

Domestic transport

We provide cargo transport within the Czech Republic. Domestic transport and forwarding is arranged by means of our own vehicles or by contracted ones. We have more than 80 of our own vehicles at your disposal. The vehicles are regularly available in Brno, Prague and Ostrava. Our team of dispatchers is ready to meet your high requirements. Moreover, we also cooperate with a number of carefully selected sub-contractors.

Vehicle fleet: We provide transport of both regular cargo and cargo with regulated temperature.

Warehousing services

Our services include also warehousing and related activities. We offer both long-term and short-term storage of your shipments in our warehouses.

If you do not have your own warehouse facilities, we offer you our services.

  • Bonded/Customs warehouse, regular warehouse
  • Truck and container reloading
  • Storage in open area with tarmac surface
  • Acceptance, storage, handling and release of cargo according to customer’s needs
  • Stock records/Cargo checking
  • Loading/unloading
  • Palletization
  • Cargo collection and distribution in the whole Czech Republic

Large space capacity
We have warehouse facilities with the capacity of 1500 m2.

JOVIMER CZ spol. s r.o.

The main activity of our company is providing of transport and logistic services which are closely connected with distribution of fruit and vegetable to retail chains in Europe.